Few of our mobile app projects

Yene stock (Global)

Easy portable inventory management anytime, anywhere with Yene Stock on your mobile device. Learn more

Motor derash (ET)

Motor derash is a company in the transportation sector based in Ethiopia that gives customers the chance to send and receive items on two-wheel motor vehicles in just a matter of minutes. It also gives rides to people who are in a hurry and need the service to get to the destination they want in a fast and reliable way.

Ethio gebeta (ET)

Ethio gebta will help you to easily top up, transfer, buy any Ethio telecom mobile packages.- Any updates happen on the fly so you don't have to update the app every time a new package releases.

Foneh mobile (ET)

Foneh mobile, is an electronics shop located at the center of the shopping district of Addis Ababa, Merkato. The latest mobile phones, Laptops, power banks and chargers are just some of the wide variety of stuff we have at our shops. come and visit us at our shop at Merkato.

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